All The People

All The People


Book, Hardcover. Photography

248 pages, color. Text: English

32,8cm x 24,8cm x 2,4cm

Signed by Bernd Ott and Emily Besa

If you like this project and this book and would like to support the artists - then please purchase the book from our web site as this is the only way for us to make any profit on book sales. Sales through other distribution channels will provide us with exactly ZERO.

And only here will you get a copy SIGNED BY THE ARTISTS.

As this is a high quality coffee table style book with a hard cover it weighs more than 2 kgs. This means it falls into a more expensive bracket for shipping, especially outside the EU. We therefore recommend getting two books - one for yourself, one for a friend, a family member or whoever else you think should see and read this book as the cost for shipping is the same. Shipping for three or more books available upon request.

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