Zackary Drucker on "All The People":

"Your book has left me feeling so grateful. It's people like you who are making a major impact on the world's shifting perspective towards trans and gender non-conforming people. Your photography allows people to see us as human. It further pushes the fact that every single person has their own unique gender expression." 

"The partnership of [Emily's] writing and your photography is a tour de force."


Emily Besa speaks to Patrick Joseph Boston about All The People


Emily Besa speaks to Barry Brandon about All The People



Emily Besa talks to the artist and lecturer Anthony Luvera about All The People


Emily Besa speaks to the South African performance artist Chester Martinez in Cape Town


Emily Besa speaks to Ed Zephyr, actor and member of the advisory board of All About Trans


Emily Besa speaks to Dr. Ralf Kleindiek, secretary of state for the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Germany and the initiator of the All The People exhibition at the Ministry. (Engl./German)


Los Angeles, Dec. 2018. Emily Besa speaks to the artist Zackary Drucker